Cylinder heads & intake manifolds



Cylinder Head Reconditioning
Kanaris Engines
Seat Cutting
Throat Bowl Area for large valves
Insert Fitting
Crack Testing / Pressure Testing
K-Line Guides and Honing to size
Maching for Screw-in studs
Spring Pads and Teflon Seals Machining
Aluminium and Cast Iron Welding
Angle Milling and Surfacing


Pocket Port Porting of bowl area and short turn radius, blend chambers after seat cutting.


Full Port Full port of runner, gasket matching, blending bowl area and short turn radius as well as fine turning valve guide boss and blend chambers after seat cutting.


Max Effort Porting

All our competition style porting for application specific combinations. Bowl/Runner are ported to size for a given application for maximum air flow while maintaining the correct air speed for maximum torque and horse power.

**All porting is available with before and after flow test sheets


Porting / Blending of Spaces
Porting of Plenum Area / Runners
Custom made Sheet Metal Intakes
Custom made Injection Intakes

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